This is an idea to develop a scale for the levels of terminal control provided by computer programming languages for the purposes of language comparison.

Scale Edit

0 - None - The language has no built in terminal control facilities 1 - Limited - The language has does not have all the basic facilities 2 - Basic - The language has basic terminal control facilities 3 - Advanced - The language has all of the advanced terminal control facilities

Facilities Edit

  • Clear screen (basic)
  • Cursor enable/disable (basic)
  • Cursor reposition (basic)
  • Scroll up (basic)
  • Capture screen
  • Restore screen
  • Positional read (basic)
  • Positional colour read
  • Scroll screen left, right, down (advanced)
  • Capture window area (advanced)
  • Restore window area (advanced)
  • Restricted window area positional input (advanced)
  • Scroll window area left,right,up,down (advanced)
  • Colour switching (advanced)
  • Colour capture and restore (advanced)

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