HTML Page Break Tag


This is a project to develop a "Page Break Tag", which can be utilized by a page break compatible browser.

The purpose of this tag is to make it easy for developers to create a page break in an HTML document, by simply inserting a <pb> tag at the point where the page break is required in the HTML.

A "Page Break" is an extension to HTML. Like all additional tags, this will not affect browsers that do not support it.


The page break tag tells the browser that a new page commences at the <pb> tag position. If the browser is printing, the generated page will be printed and any information below the <pb> tag will start on a new printed page. The tag ends the page at the current point, and starts a new page. No end tag is required.

This page will appear broken at the tag position, with any further information appearing as a new page underneath the existing page in the same browser window.

The page break tag will be designated <pb> .

A page break tag only applies to blocklevel elements in the normal flow of the rootelement and may also be applied between table rows.

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