HTML Include Tag

<include /foobar/foo.html>

This is a project to develop an HTML include tag , which can be utilized by an inclusion document compatible browser.

The purpose of this tag is to make it easy for developers to include textual content from other web pages, by simply inserting an <include /foobar/foo.html> tag at the point where the inserted text is required.


The include tag will enable consistent headers and footers to be included on several webpages, without the need to duplicate the content within each page.

Inclusion is an extension to HTML. Like all additional tags, this will not affect browsers that do not support it.

The inclusion tag will be designated <include> .

I stumbled across a thing called an iframe, which allows me to include text from another file. I tried this, but the generated frame was way too big on my browser (iceape). I reduced the size of the frame using the height attribute, but this caused scroll bars to appear (even though the content outside of the scroll area was just whitespace that had been generated by the browser.) I then added an attribute to remove the scroll bar, but the content in the frame slowly worked its way out of the top of the frame into invisibility as I scrolled up and down the main page, and I could not force this back into focus from the browser. There were also other problems when the page magnification was adjusted. Also the iframe attribute only works on certain browsers. In the end I decided to go for copy and paste.

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