This is the whacky ideas pool for computer accessibility related issues.

Titlebar buttons for window motion and resizing Edit

For compatiblity with touchscreen devices, a window manager that provides titlebar buttons could also provide the facility to achieve window motion and resizing via the titlebar.

This requires extra buttons as follows:

  • Move window left
  • Move window right
  • Move window up
  • Move window down
  • Stretch window horizontally
  • Stretch window vertically
  • Shrink window horizontally
  • Shrink window vertically

Screen Magnifier Edit

Add buttons to the screen magnifier to provide window motion.

The required extra buttons are for:

  • move magnifier left
  • move magnifier right
  • move magnifier up
  • move magnifier down

Touchscreen operation Edit

Ideas for obtaining window motion via a touchscreen on a stacking window manager.

Touching the titlebar makes the window current.

Touching the titlebar icon selects the window indicating a motion event is pending. Touching a new position on the screen now moves the window to a new position (with the titlebar icon now placed at the point of contact). We could probably blink the icon or taskbar, or blank the window frame to make it clearly visible that a motion event is pending.

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